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The following comments were submitted by our customers when asked to provide feedback on our service. In the interest of transparency, we present these comments as provided except that personally identifiable information has been hidden unless the reviewer has requested their full name be included with the review. No unfavorable comments have been removed.

Report a concern   January 22, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by A.M.C. Furniture Medic

Repair is perfect and you can’t tell it was repaired.

Report a concern   January 22, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.V. Furniture Medic

Excellent quality work and quicker than expected. Thanks a bunch.

Report a concern   January 21, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.M. Furniture Medic

You were very prompt , professional and capable.

Report a concern   January 16, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.B. Furniture Medic

I had two very positive experiences with Furniture Medic. The company is professional, organized and follows through with conversations. Their employees are very polite, and talented! I had them fix a scratch on a kitchen cabinet, and a severely scratched hard wood floor! Though the company only promised me a possible 60% fix on my floors, I trusted them by their first job and I was pleasantly pleased! I’d say we got to about 90%! I highly recommend this company!

Report a concern   January 16, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.G. Furniture Medic

The personal, professional and enjoyable interaction with your team - not to mention the absolutely outstanding work that was done. My wife and I tried to see where you made the repair to the busted wood on the chair frame and honestly could not find it. We know it's there, but we weren't able to find the site of the repair - it's as if it never happened making us wonder if you didn't just replace the chair with a new one. :) If you did, well.... that really is an example of exceeding expectations.

I will definitely return if/when I need any furniture repairs in the future.

Report a concern   January 16, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.P. Furniture Medic

The two technicians were on time, super nice, and most importantly, they did a great job.
They explained what they were going to do to fix the broken frame on my sofa before they started and then showed me the work that went into the repair before they covered it up and cleaned the area. The also assisted me with information to obtain an estimate for refinishing two tables while they were here. Thanks!!!

Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.E. Furniture Medic

Fixed our cabinet doors, on time, great job!

Report a concern   January 13, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.S. Furniture Medic

This was a great experience. The tech completely disassembled my sofa, made the needed repairs, and reassembled my sofa in my home in a very reasonable time frame. He really knows his job and went making needed repairs in a very professional manner. I feel that my sofa is in better condition now than when it was new.

Report a concern   January 13, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.D.D. Furniture Medic

Best furniture repair service in the county!!!
First name removed dd

Report a concern   January 13, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.M. Furniture Medic

I had Furniture Medic repair a table and 2 chairs. They look like new and you can not tell where the repairs are. They do exceptional work. I recommend them highly.

Report a concern   January 11, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.R. Furniture Medic

very professional

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.M. Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic fixed a challenging problem on our bar stool and saved me the cost of replacing the Bar Stool, the repair is probably stronger than the how it was manufactured. Highly recommend Furniture Medic, Steve does quality work at a reasonable price.

Report a concern   January 6, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by N.D.H. Furniture Medic

David gave your name and number to a neighbor just this morning.

We like the quality, integrity, and communication you provide. Plus, y’all are just good people!

Report a concern   January 4, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.G. Furniture Medic

Overall nice and friendly. Able to come to home and make sofa springs replacement which was all done within an hour.

Report a concern   January 4, 2018 — Rated 7 out of 10 by H.R. Furniture Medic

The other side of my furniture piece is a little bit “off” too. While he did a great job, it would have been great as the Professional to check all drawer to see if perhaps they needed tweaking, since one drawer was not right perhaps others. Overall he was very good and helpful! I may have to call the Furniture Medic again for the other drawer now.

Report a concern   January 4, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by E.D.B. Furniture Medic

Professional and courteous. The technician resolved the matter.

Report a concern   January 3, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by L.S. Furniture Medic

The technicians were very thorough, helpful and friendly. Unless you knew where the paint had been touched up, you would not notice that it wasn’t the original paint or that the area has been touched up. The color of my island was a difficult color to match and they did a nice job matching it.

In retrospect, I wish I would have asked if I could have kept some of the touch-up paint they mixed up for small touch-ups in the future.

Report a concern   January 3, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.O. Furniture Medic

Great work done. Regular notifications; email and phone about status of work being done and appointments. Very knowledgeable service people, polite and informative.

Report a concern   January 2, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.P. Furniture Medic

Dave and his crew did a fantastic job and fixed it quickly so that I could have it back for the holidays! I would highly recommend them! --First name removed from Cranbury

Report a concern   December 30, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by E.W. Furniture Medic

Everyone was very professional, and they did a GREAT job in repairing my kitchen cabinets.

First name removed W.

Report a concern   December 29, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.D. Furniture Medic

Everyone who has seen the refinished table thought it is beautiful. Great job!

Report a concern   December 29, 2017 — Rated 8 out of 10 by D.E. Furniture Medic

It takes too long for appointment.

Response from Furniture Medic by Restoration Specialists:

I apologize for any delays in setting up your appointment. We have been a little short staffed during this time of year. I will be sure to have someone from our office contact you shortly.

Report a concern   December 28, 2017 — Rated 4 out of 10 by K.B. Furniture Medic

Stated one thing in person wrote something else in estimate.

Response from Furniture Medic by Restoration Specialists:

Since this is part of your insurance claim, our reports are submitted to the insurance company after careful consideration of the entire scope of work to be performed to return you and your home to preloss condition. If you feel that any information provided to the insurance company was inaccurate, please contact me at your convenience either by email at or via mobile phone, 516 315-9210. Thank you, and I apologize for any concerns.

Report a concern   December 28, 2017 — Rated 2 out of 10 by D.M. Furniture Medic

Quick to assess my damage and charge me for that visit, now have waited weeks to get repair scheduled. Still no date

Response from Furniture Medic by Restoration Specialists:

Good afternoon. I apologize for any delays in arranging a service call. I will be sure that Jennifer, from our office, contacts you tomorrow to address your request. If there is any further issue, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 516 315-9210, or at

Report a concern   December 27, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.C. Furniture Medic

I am thrilled with the experience I had with your company. I was most impressed that the owner
personally came to my home with Terry and a prospective new hire. They were very skilled
at what they do!!! They took a lot of time to make sure the color of the leather matched perfectly, and the results were remarkable. My sofa looks brand NEW again! I am still in disbelief that leather can be restored in this manner. This saved me quite a bit of money and I am completely satisfied with their workmanship.

I will definitely recommend your company to many of my friends and family members!!!
Kudos to Furniture Medic!!!!!

Best Regards,

Report a concern   December 27, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by T.S. Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic by Vanderzee Ent. was referred to me by Normandy Remodeling and I couldn't have been happier with their expertise, professionalism and the quality of their work. I am over-the-moon with results. I have never used a furniture restoration company before, but I started collecting vintage pieces and I wanted them restored to their former glory. Furniture Medic by Vanderzee Ent. was able to do that and exceed my expectations. The folks who picked up and returned my furniture were professionally friendly and respectful of the furniture. The phone and email communications were always taken care of in a timely manner. I would definitely contact Furniture Medic by Vanderzee Ent. for any future furniture repair or restoration and recommend them to friends and colleagues seeing the same.

Report a concern   December 21, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by G.V. Furniture Medic

Friendly, competent professionals.

Report a concern   December 19, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.A. Furniture Medic

Prompt service, did a great rebuilding my cabinet draw.

Report a concern   December 17, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by K.W. Furniture Medic

It seems well run and organized.

Report a concern   December 15, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.W. Furniture Medic

The Furniture Medic staff are all very nice, responsive and willing to answer any questions we had. They are very neat/tidy when they do their work. We had 18 year old cabinets in our kitchen most of which were still in good condition but were a bit worn after so many years. Furniture Medic worked miracles on them. There was a side panel that our kids had damaged and they fixed it like new. The transformation was amazing! They are not cheap but we felt it was money well spent. They did a beautiful job and we saved thousands of dollars by not having to replace a bunch of cabinets and drawers. Thank you for breathing new life into our cabinets, Furniture Medic!!!

C. Last name removed

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