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Report a concern   July 12, 2011 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.E. Superior
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Mr. Kavos Arran, Regional Manager, assisted Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. with the pool facility and equipment retrofit at 18 Concorde Place 2010 / 2011.
Mr. Arran liasioned with the consulting engineer and I, at our request, to ensure Superior Pool Spa & Leisure Ltd. professional input was considered.
Mr. Arran provided valuable recommendations which were accepted and implemented.
The Boards of Directors of both Corporations were pleased to learn that our pool and spa contractor continues to provide the site with extremely professional service.
The technician assigned to this property carries out his duties diligently and has been here for many years. We are very pleased with Constantine's performance and look forward to keeping him here.
Mr. Arran may always call upon the undersigned to provide a positive reference should a prospective client wish to speak with us.


First name removed Evans, R.C.M.
Senior Property Manager
Brookfield Residential Services Ltd.
For and on behalf of MTCC 1101 & MTCC 1120

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