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Customer Testimonials

Report a concern   December 8, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.A. Pillar To Post

John Paris , the inspector, was very good. His attention to detail and his manner of explaining what he was doing throughout the inspection was very well received by the first time buyer. As a realtor, working with buyers is a teaching process, as it’s not something they have done often. I highly recommend John!

Report a concern   September 2, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by I.J. Pillar To Post

On time and good inspection. Very fast report.

Report a concern   August 4, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.M. Pillar To Post

John Paris is a conscientious and thorough home inspector and I'll highly recommend him.

Report a concern   July 21, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by T.B. Pillar To Post

John was very thorough and knowledgeable...made myself (agent) and my buyer very comfortable!

Report a concern   July 14, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by V.B. Pillar To Post

Detail inspections
Very knowledgeable inspectors
Workswell with first time buyers and experienced buyers.
Comprehensive detailed. Inspection report with photos.
File system/book for new homeowner
Always available to answer questions and or concerns.

Report a concern   July 7, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by V.G. Pillar To Post

Very professional. Made extra effort in determining the cause of water in basement. My client and I were both impressed.

Report a concern   June 27, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by E.F. Pillar To Post

Inspector was thorough and informative.

Report a concern   May 23, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.D. Pillar To Post

Mr John Paris is excellent professional and very detail person and dedicated a lot of time to do the House Inspection and explains everything. So better than that you can't gets it.

Report a concern   May 19, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.B. Pillar To Post

On time, efficient. Good report

Report a concern   May 5, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.B. Pillar To Post

Very professional. Do not scare the buyer away. Explain issues and are very prompt and thorough.

Report a concern   April 28, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.B. Pillar To Post

Very thorough, great report, timely manner

Report a concern   April 11, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by F.L. Pillar To Post

John Paris is a very good inspector. In addition to his skill, he is very good with clients, walking them through the entire process and answering their questions. He is very patient.

Report a concern   March 15, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.K. Pillar To Post

Very professional. Quick and reliable inspection with a full report out in less than 24 hours. Great binder given to buyer to keep all important documents in that are related to their home inspections and repairs.

Report a concern   February 22, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.C. Pillar To Post

Great job!

Report a concern   November 26, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.K. Pillar To Post


Report a concern   November 16, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by N.S. Pillar To Post

I have been very pleased with John from Pillar to Post. He does a very thorough inspection without causing alarm. he gives each client a binder to keep all important household papers, which I thought was a nice touch.

Report a concern   September 26, 2016 — Rated 9 out of 10 by K.S. Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

very thorough without scaring the buyers

Report a concern   September 9, 2016 — Rated 9 out of 10 by Tom Shields Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

thorough and prompt

Report a concern   June 3, 2016 — Rated 9 out of 10 by E.K. Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

Very knowledgeable and thorough and pleasant to work with.

Report a concern   May 31, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by E.M. Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

Reliable service and John was great. He really took the time to go over many details with my client. Will definitely refer again.

Report a concern   May 10, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.K. Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

Friendly and quick response.

Report a concern   March 1, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by Chris Leopizzi Pillar To Post
What do you like about our services?

It was a very thorough inspections where all questions were able to be addressed

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