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Customer Testimonials

Report a concern   December 5, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.B. TruGreen

Sean is the best! Our trees look so healthy!

Report a concern   November 30, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by L.B. TruGreen

I received a call from Zach who was great!. He helped me with my cost issues.

Report a concern   November 21, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by J.F. TruGreen

You respond when we have a problem. Last tech excellent. First 2 not so

Report a concern   November 21, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by B.H. TruGreen

Convenient. Price is affordable.

Report a concern   November 16, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.M. TruGreen

Lawn care people are friendly and easy to work with. My lawn is looking better after just 4 treatments. Thanks Mel

Report a concern   November 14, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by L.H. TruGreen

They really take care of my yard and the staff is so nice

Report a concern   November 11, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.S. TruGreen

I like the tech who is doing my lawn currently. She is the first one that has actually talked to me and let me know what is going on with my lawn. I watch her while she is working and she takes her time and does it right. In the past, the techs doing my lawn would just run over it and out the gate and don't even think they were hitting the whole lawn. Please continue with the tech to do my service. I see on the slip she left me that her name is Jodi Miller and the # beside her name is 572223. I just wanted to take the time to let you know how please I am with her service.

Report a concern   November 9, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by J.L. TruGreen

People/technicians. However internal communications need improvement, like cancellation or appt changes.

Report a concern   November 8, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.W. TruGreen

Alerts before services performed. Quality of care for my lawn.

Report a concern   November 7, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by L.L. TruGreen

Our lawn looks great! Service was excellent! Made extra calls when requested! Very satisfied. Regret comment about technician not coming to door! Tech came to door on last visit and we were not home. Will probably use service next year.

Report a concern   November 7, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by M.W. TruGreen

Lawn care products used work well, grass is normally healthy and free (or mostly free) of weeds.

Report a concern   November 7, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.C. TruGreen

Jodi is wonderful to work with and cares about your lawn and listens to your concerns!

Report a concern   November 7, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by P.A.J.M. TruGreen

Zack was VERY helpful and responsive to my homes needs, attentive to issues that I noted with past service concerns, and quick to offer solutions not excuses. This is how all service calls should go.

Report a concern   November 7, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by G.N.H. TruGreen

Tecs and service managers are professional. Company schedules services in a timely manner consistently. If concerns arise the response time is immediate. I know that if I need an answer I get a call back quickly versus calling someone repeatedly. The product appears to be working and doing its job. I like the comments the tecs make on the work order on each visit. I think TruGreen has upped their game.

Report a concern   November 4, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by N.M. TruGreen

Quick responses and follow up

Report a concern   November 2, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.L. TruGreen

Joel Parnell provided exceptional service and professionalism on October 20th at my home at 5515 Fox Hill Road, Hilliard, OH 43026. I intended to submit this recognition earlier, however, I just opened the report that was left by Joel at our door on the day of service. Please let him know that I truly appreciated his efforts and look forward to him being our representative in the future.

Report a concern   October 31, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by P.H. TruGreen

when having a problem, say as for example, you have come out before and sprayed,
a couple of weeks after we still had some crabgrass, but in calling you responded
within a couple of days and took care of it.
representatives are always willing to listen to any questions we may have.

Report a concern   October 27, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by N.D. TruGreen

Both Daryl Laney and Jodi Miller did a great job for me. After I complained about a very bad aeration and reseeding done for me on 9/25/2017, Daryl came on 10/25/2017, and did a very good and thorough job on my entire lawn. Jodi did a good job every time she performed my regular service.

Report a concern   October 25, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.R. TruGreen

Convenient, happy with the results.

Report a concern   October 25, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by C.S. TruGreen

You come when you say you are coming and the people working on the lawn are pleasant.

Report a concern   October 24, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.H. TruGreen

If there are ever any issues, TruGreen makes it right!
Our service tech always does a perfect job in servicing my lawn. Weeds are always taken care of along with a beautiful healthy green lawn. If they notice any insect issues like Grubbs, I am always well informed and a solution advised. The price is also very reasonable. A very happy customer here! 😊

Report a concern   October 24, 2017 — Rated 9 out of 10 by T.A. TruGreen

call ahead of when coming and quality of service

Report a concern   October 20, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.M. TruGreen

Technician came to door and explained what he was doing and has did an outstanding job. Our yard looks better than it has in the last ten years. He took his time and made sure all areas were treated. It would help if the same technician . Yard is looking good.

Report a concern   October 18, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.C. TruGreen

the lawn looks great!

Report a concern   October 17, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.R. TruGreen


Report a concern   October 17, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by L.L. TruGreen


Report a concern   October 16, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.C. TruGreen

Since receiving free lawn service on 9/26/07 for major weed problem and then regular service in October have noticed huge improvement in lawn. Weeds nearly gone and yard very thick and green. also raised mower per suggestion of your employee. Jeff Williams was specialist and could recommend him very highly. Thank you, Name removed

Report a concern   October 13, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.V. TruGreen

I appreciate the call ahead advising me when TRUGREEN will be at my home. I also like the personal contact initiated by each rep that services my yard.

Report a concern   October 11, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by N.R. TruGreen

lawn looks good, no weeds

Report a concern   October 11, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.H. TruGreen

I am very happy with the service my TruGreen Service man does. Very polite and does a great job! Thank You Jason!

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