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Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.B. Agents - Ohio

KWAR training with Tom

Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.G. Agents - Ohio

Layz Team always delivers! We just did an inspection on a brand new construction townhouse and took full advantage of the fact that the builder was still on-sight cleaning up and doing some final touches. Layz made sure that the builder did not overlook a single final touch! My buyers were very happy with their report and the fact their new home was perfect when they moved in thanks to the attention to detail of the inspector. They also found the informational binder super helpful. Thanks for another great inspection Team!

Report a concern   January 13, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.G. Agents - Ohio

I can't say enough about the Pillar to Post team. Mark Hershberger (who just performed an inspection this past week for my buyer) is a true professional and is very thorough and his reports are easy to read, which is extremely helpful!

Report a concern   January 12, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.R. Agents - Ohio

The inspector did a great job explaining things to the buyer and did so professionally and in layman’s terms.

Report a concern   January 12, 2018 — Rated 5 out of 10 by P.S.W. Agents - Ohio

Need to know the difference between mold and dirt.

Report a concern   January 12, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.R. Agents - Ohio

Pillar to Post always provides detailed, great quality inspections with courteous, professional service!

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.G. Agents - Ohio

I recommend Pillar to Post because I have confidence in their ability to do a good job.
Name removed

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by D.A. Agents - Ohio

The professionalism and their willingness to answer any concerns or questions

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 9 out of 10 by S.Z. Agents - Ohio

Friendly customer service, thorough inspections, informative without scaring away buyers.

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.T. Agents - Ohio

Very good at explaining the inspection to the buyer when completed. Prompt service.

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.B. Agents - Ohio

You show up on time. Inspection is thorough with results presented in a positive matter.

Report a concern   January 5, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by A.W. Agents - Ohio

Quick turn around and emailed reports.

Report a concern   January 5, 2018 — Rated 9 out of 10 by S.G. Agents - Ohio

Reliable and trustworthy company.

Report a concern   January 5, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.P. Agents - Ohio

One stop shopping, personable inspectors, the thoroughness and knowledge of the inspectors, the quality of the services.

Report a concern   January 3, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by C.C. Agents - Ohio

Prompt and courteous and accommodating.

Report a concern   January 2, 2018 — Rated 6 out of 10 by L.L. Agents - Ohio

You did hear from me a few days ago.

Report a concern   January 2, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by A.B. Agents - Ohio

Very thorough

Report a concern   January 2, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.R. Agents - Ohio

I will be recommending you to all our new agents that I coach for home inspections as well as septic and well.
Thanks for a prompt and great inspection on Indian Hill!

Report a concern   January 1, 2018 — Rated 5 out of 10 by J.A. Agents - Ohio

When we had the closing on 13171 Milton the seller was not happy about the vents for the bathrooms and the fact he paid $700 for something that existed. It made me look bad in front of him and the buyers.

Report a concern   December 29, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.H. Agents - Ohio

Great people great inspector !! Reliable and trusting

Report a concern   December 29, 2017 — Rated 8 out of 10 by T.B. Agents - Ohio

I think the inspection reports are great, very friendly and explain any and all questions my clients might have. If im being honest the only thing i dislike alot is doing the report after the inspection. my experience with pillar to post which is not a bad thing because I understand you are trying to create a great experience for your customers, but you take double the time as a normal inspector then after that you ask for another hour to do report. I will now set up expectation when referring my clients over to alot 3 hours for inspection.

Report a concern   December 29, 2017 — Rated 8 out of 10 by B.G. Agents - Ohio

Karl does fine.

Report a concern   December 27, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by A.W. Agents - Ohio

Very detailed and great service. One of the best inspection companies out there.

Report a concern   December 23, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.S. Agents - Ohio

Dave is amazing. Thorough and extremely careful throughout the insp. Always stops to answer questions. Reports are prepared quickly.

Report a concern   December 22, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by T.C. Agents - Ohio

Always pleased with Vince and the entire PtP team

Report a concern   December 19, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.J. Agents - Ohio

Hi, I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism the home inspectors you have working for your company. I also like how they take care and helpful they are wit my real estate clients . Sincerely Name removed H ER REALTORS South Dayton Office.

Report a concern   December 19, 2017 — Rated 6 out of 10 by J.W. Agents - Ohio

No disappointments at all...I just like to keep business local so I try to use local inspectors first.

Report a concern   December 18, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by T.H. Agents - Ohio

The inspection was very thorough. The inspector took time to answer questions and explain things about the home. Very satisfied with the inspection.

Report a concern   December 16, 2017 — Rated 6 out of 10 by J.A. Agents - Ohio

Very thorough inspection but is expensive compared to other companies I’ve used. Overall impressed with the report though.

Report a concern   December 15, 2017 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.H. Agents - Ohio

Pillar to Post does an exceptional job for my clients on home inspections!

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