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The following comments were submitted by our customers when asked to provide feedback on our service. In the interest of transparency, we present these comments as provided except that personally identifiable information has been hidden unless the reviewer has requested their full name be included with the review. No unfavorable comments have been removed.

Report a concern   January 20, 2018 — Rated 7 out of 10 by N.K. Hereford Leisure Pool

I feel that there should be some kind of discount offered to members for parking, especially for members who pay for a full membership. I feel this would attract more people to using halo, especially the leisure pool complex.
One issue I find is that when you pay for the hour, the exercise classes often over run so I find myself running out before the class finishes meaning I miss the stretching at the end of class.

Report a concern   January 20, 2018 — Rated 8 out of 10 by C.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

Service is generally very good. There are a few occasions when there been a bit of a wait at reception but otherwise all ok

Report a concern   January 19, 2018 — Rated 6 out of 10 by S.C. Hereford Leisure Pool

I live close to the Leisure Pool but I love bodypump. There's a few of us who would really appreciate you holding those classes there as well. 6.25pm slots are the best. Meriels dynamic yoga is brilliant. please can she do a class or two at 6.15 / 6.30am at the pool so we dash home to shower before work. 3 of us left because we cant shower + get to work on time from the leisure centre.
Lisa tabata class was ace, shame it's just about to be cancelled.
AJ/MJ (top knot guy)is amazing.
shelley spends too much time pausing, drinking water,changing and restarting music, its frustrating.

Report a concern   January 19, 2018 — Rated 8 out of 10 by N.W. Hereford Leisure Pool


Report a concern   January 19, 2018 — Rated 8 out of 10 by J.W. Hereford Leisure Pool

THE LADIES LOO’s ... put the loo seat properly on cubical 1, and sort the flushes out.

Report a concern   January 18, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by K.R. Hereford Leisure Pool

Good price for what you get, especially the spa and swimming.

Report a concern   January 18, 2018 — Rated 3 out of 10 by L.E. Hereford Leisure Pool

Gym isn’t great

Report a concern   January 18, 2018 — Rated 2 out of 10 by M.D. Hereford Leisure Pool

Cold and dirty

Report a concern   January 17, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by A.C. Hereford Leisure Pool

Great staff

Report a concern   January 17, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by G.S. Hereford Leisure Pool

Friendly staff, great fitness classes at times to suit, plus swimming pool & new gym equipment.

Report a concern   January 17, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by R.C. Hereford Leisure Pool

Very friendly & helpful staff. Excellent classes. Good opening times for the gym.

Report a concern   January 17, 2018 — Rated 4 out of 10 by A.D. Hereford Leisure Pool

Maintain spa area
Dirty floors ,dirty toilet dirty broken seats ,unpainted walls,regular breakdowns.
Blame culture on users and not sorting out the real reasons.

Report a concern   January 16, 2018 — Rated 9 out of 10 by M.T. Hereford Leisure Pool

The variety of classes.

Report a concern   January 16, 2018 — Rated 6 out of 10 by A.H. Hereford Leisure Pool

The changing rooms never smell nice and they always look like they need more regular cleaning.

Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 0 out of 10 by R.B. Hereford Leisure Pool

After a promise of the same instructor from swimming after another one leaves ( which happens I get it) but then we get another instructor which then calls in sick so annoying!! Stage 1 has one badge and that’s when you complete the whole course! I’ve been told for atleast 6 months he’s close and then they changed the criteria, my sons now bored of the lessons and I’m ready to pull him out, but as he’s so close as they keep telling me after nearly 12 months I’m going to keep him there just to get his badge! I’m not the only parent not happy with hereford halo leisure pool!!! You think there’d be badges along the one in stage one, would not use halo again for my next son, seems like they just wanted my money for the last 12 months.

Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 8 out of 10 by R.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

The spa area at the leisure pool needs updating as it is quite often dirty and the cubicles often need maintenance. New gym is fantastic, really clean and really pleasant to use.

Report a concern   January 15, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.G. Hereford Leisure Pool

Friendly staff terresa for yoga and Pilates excellent

Report a concern   January 13, 2018 — Rated 3 out of 10 by E.A. Hereford Leisure Pool

The changing and shower areas are always dirty and cold.
There are broken tiles in the leisure pool.
The leisure pool where the class I attend is sometimes cold.
The lockers are beyond disgusting!! One day I was showering and overhead a lifeguard moaning about being asked to clean the lockers - I didn’t witness him doing it but I didn’t really feel it should of been done by him anyway - this place needs professional cleaners and to have regular deep cleans.
When things are broken they take an age to fix such as the female toilets in the pool changing area, also one of the village showers has not been working for months.

Report a concern   January 12, 2018 — Rated 3 out of 10 by M.B. Hereford Leisure Pool

Improve services and improve state of Surtin facility's such as mouldy curtains in showers, swimming pool is not cleaned properly, you can see black lines on the tiles all over the public pool and it's quiet cold in the area for children.

Report a concern   January 11, 2018 — Rated 8 out of 10 by B.P. Hereford Leisure Pool

Clean showers

Service bikes

Report a concern   January 11, 2018 — Rated 9 out of 10 by G.P. Hereford Leisure Pool

Classes and gym

Report a concern   January 11, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by H.C. Hereford Leisure Pool

It's so convenient having everything I need under one roof. I'm on a major health kick at the moment and having the gym spa swimming and classes so accessible really helps.

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 4 out of 10 by M.D. Hereford Leisure Pool

The Dry side changing room showers were disgusting, I took my shower at home. Far too much hair all over floor and wet fluff and muck to walk over. I haven’t been for a long time and standards of hygiene have slipped, I’m planning an aqua class Friday it will be interesting to check out the pool changing rooms, fingers crosssed they are better

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.T. Hereford Leisure Pool

Classes at times that suit me although not in school holiday. Helpful staff, good instructors. Clean cafe serving good coffee and snacks.

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

Easy to book ,easily accessible either by bus ,car or walking.
Plenty classes to choose from
Friendly and helpful front desk staff and instructors
Easy way to make new friends and chat over coffee

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

You don't need to join or pay as it is so easy to get in for free

Report a concern   January 10, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by V.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

You have all the sport and exercise I need

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 7 out of 10 by H.L. Hereford Leisure Pool

The cleanliness definitely needs to be improved. The toilets always seem to be in a mess. I also noticed protein shake all in the water dispenser which had been left and it smelt. I’ve never seen any spray around to wipe the machines and equipment down which would be good to see around. I enjoy all the classes at halo, although feel some instructors at the pool don’t seem very enthusiastic during a class.

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by M.C. Hereford Leisure Pool

Very good!!

Report a concern   January 9, 2018 — Rated 10 out of 10 by F.O. Hereford Leisure Pool

Good facilty

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