Mathnasium of Paoli
36 Chestnut Rd. #2
PA 19301
United States

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Report a concern   November 4, 2015 — Rated 10 out of 10 by B.O.J.S. Mathnasium of Paoli
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The Mathnasium staff were able to give alternative explainations of some key concepts, for our daughter to reach that "Aha, now I get it" level. Her grades bounced back, after that. She hasn't needed help with this year's subject matter, but wouldn't hesitate to seek your assistance, again, if needed.

Different people have different learning 'styles', and Mathnasium successfully connected with her's. Her teacher at school had given her extra help, but it's a rare teacher, at any level, thats truly polylingual in 'learning styles'. Thanks, again.

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