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Report a concern   August 5, 2016 — Rated 10 out of 10 by S.W. Continental Pools
What are the main reasons for the score you provided?

The Cheltenham Woods Community is very pleased with how Contintental has managed our pool this season. We are especially thankful for all the lifeguards this year; specifcially, Fascel Daley and Recardo Bartley. They have both maintained a very professional presence at the pool and everyone respects them. They respect the wishes and rules that have been put into place for our pool and do a fantastic job with enforcing them. They also greet you with a smile and treat everyone with respect. As the Pool Chair for our Community and with an extremely busy summer dealing with a parents health issues and other things, I have not been able to be at the pool as much as I would like to be. Everyone, including Keenon and David as well, has done a great job with keeping everything running smoothly and making my job super easy this year. Anything I ask within the purview of the contract, they all have accommodated. I look forward to working with Continental again next year.

Report a concern   June 9, 2014 — Rated 9 out of 10 by R.L. Continental Pools
What are the main reasons for the score you provided?

So far this season all is going very well. The opening and pool prep has been super. The key for the season will be how the guards do, and if/when problems will arise how management handles them.

So far so good – would give a 10 but there always needs to be a little room to improve.

HOA President
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